Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 4.00pm and Friday 08.00am to 3.30pm.

The library is run by Miss Lunn. All pupils are welcome to come into the library before the start of academy, during breaktime, lunchtime and after school. The library offers excellent resources to inspire students to enjoy reading, and to support curriculum subjects. All pupils are automatically signed up to the library system and allowed to borrow books for three weeks. The library has computers that can be used to complete homework and a black and white printer. Our resources include over 3000 books, magazines, dvd films, newspapers, and eclipse online library software. Homework support from Miss Lunn is available everyday before and after school.

Chess and games in the library

Games are popular in the library including chess, kamikaze, (which is the opposite of chess as you have to lose all your pieces to win), draughts, connect 4, penguin pile up and scrabble. There is a chess ladder, kamikaze ladder, draught ladder and a connect 4 ladder. Students can challenge each other and when they win they go up the ladder. Chess tournaments take part regularly and there is chess club which runs weekly after school on a Wednesday 3.00pm to 4.00pm.

Accelerated Reading Programme

Accelerated Reading Quizzes are available to all year 7s and 8s who all take part in the Accelerated Reading Programme. Pupils come into the library to read during their English classes and take quizzes based on the books. This programme helps pupils to improve their reading and literacy skills.

Library monitors

There are 21 library monitors in total, from all year groups who help with library duties, checking books in and out on the computer system, looking after the library, filing and recommending books to pupils. Library monitors have two duties a week.

Competitions and treasure hunt

Competitions run regularly and are changed once every half term. A treasure hunt takes part during World Book Day.