Post 16 Dress Code


Cecil Jones Academy is a working environment and therefore students must be dressed appropriately.

We operate a smart/casual dress code. The information below should be used as a guideline only and the final decision as to what is appropriate rests with the Post 16 staff and Senior Leadership Team.

Students not dressed in line with the code will be sent home to change and expected to make up any lesson time lost.


Not appropriate

Clean, smart fitting jeans or trousers

Ripped/frayed jeans or trousers

Skirts/dresses - appropriate length for work place

Tracksuit bottoms

Smart t-shirts/polo shirts/shirts/jumpers

Scruffy/ripped tops and offensive logos

Girls' tops with sleeves or wide straps

Tops where underwear is visible or that are very low cut

Leggings with appropriate dress/skirt

Leggings with no skirt/dress

Shoes/trainers or sandals with support

Flip-flops or open backed sandals

Discreet piercings worn in ear

Any other piercings

Any shorts/cropped shorts over tights/leggings

Additional information

· Post 16 ID badge must be worn at all times

· Outdoor coats and scarves should be removed in the building

· Beachwear is not appropriate at any time

· No hats or caps may be worn in the building

· Natural hair colour only

· Tattoos must not be visible