Post 16 Code of Conduct


These are expectations of all students enrolling for Post 16 studies at Cecil Jones Academy. We expect the utmost courtesy and good manners.

  1. Attendance and punctuality - It is vital that students attend regularly and are always punctual to lessons and tutorial sessions. Proper procedures should be followed in case of absence or lateness. Attendance falling below 90% will lead to disciplinary procedures
  2. Dress - We ask that students be neat and tidy and avoid any clothing that might attract adverse comment or cause offence. Please refer to the Post 16 Dress Code for further information.
  3. Facilities - Students may have access to classrooms and other facilities if they are available. They should speak to the Post 16 office before using these facilities to ensure they are not booked for other purposes. All rooms must be left neat and tidy and consideration should be given to staff and students working in that area.
  4. Smoking - Students are to refrain from smoking on or near the premises. This includes the front of the Academy and the bridge.
  5. Parking - No student parking available on site.
  6. Alcohol and Drugs - Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. If students are on site under the influence of drugs or have them on their person their offer to study with us will be terminated with immediate effect..
  7. Resources - Students are obviously expected to look after and respect these. There are standard procedures with regards to the use and security of ICT facilities which must be adhered to.
  8. Post16 Private Study - Resources in the private study area (inc. Higher Education information) must not be removed from the study area without consent from a member of staff or unless officially on loan.
  9. Use of Non-contact time - Students may use the study facilities outside of timetabled private study, if space is available. The playing of football or any other games during lesson time is forbidden. Sunbathing is not an acceptable use of time
  10. Electronic Equipment - i.e. iPods/phones - the use of these items should be discreet, however they should not be visible around the Academy. Students will be asked to remove them or hand them over to a member of staff if repeatedly challenged. They should not be used during timetabled lessons