Numeracy at Cecil Jones Academy


Being numerate means having the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life - at work, in practical everyday activities at home and beyond, as consumers, in managing our finances, as parents helping our children learn, as patients making sense of health information, as citizens understanding the world about us.

Numeracy complements literacy and is sometimes called 'mathematical literacy'. Both skills are needed in order to function fully in modern life.

Being numerate means being able to reason with numbers and other mathematical concepts and to apply these in a range of contexts and to solve a variety of problems. Being numerate is as much about thinking and reasoning logically as about 'doing sums'.

It means being able to:

  • Interpret data, charts and diagrams
  • Process information
  • Solve problems
  • Check answers
  • Understand and explain solutions
  • Make decisions based on logical thinking and reasoning.

Our current Numeracy initiatives include:

  • Year 7 Intervention group to support students with numerical skills
  • A numeracy skills document to support students and parents with key numerical skils
  • Tutor time numeracy activities for all year groups to develop numerical skills
  • A weekly numeracy competition for years 7/8
  • A dedicated leader of numeracy who evaluates and continually develops new initiatives