Year 12 & 13 Government and Politics


The Team:

Mr Kevin Ryan Head of Department

Key Stage 5

For A level , In Year 1 the students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the political system of the UK.

The other unit at AS concentrates on People Politics and Participation as well as Governing modern Britain.

In Year 2 there are a number of optional units. These units do not follow prescribed routes so offer some flexibility. We can either study US politics and US Government and Ideologies; or Political Issues and Ideologies in action

Gifted and Talented/Enrichment activities

Students may be offered the opportunity to attend conferences aimed at exploring aspects of the A level course.


The department follows the Academy policy on homework. In addition, students are offered 'take away' homework which offers students a more personalised approach towards the completion of homework.


The Politics department considers literacy to be hugely important in contributing to the success of students. Literacy opportunities are planned for in Learning Schemes and used as a focus in the delivery of lessons, for written feedback and homework.


The politics Department aims to give our students insight into and understanding of the world around them, and particularly how policy is formulated and how decisions are made . What it means to be a good citizen and to be engage with local national and global issues. Students are able to reflect on ideas, including the self, that support and improve their emotional health and wellbeing.. We promote a strong SMSC ethos and treat every student as an individual with rights and therefore also responsibilities. As a group of staff, we are keen to promote strong values and encourage students to listen, share, discuss together, debate and analyse the world around them and as part of the Global Communication Faculty we are responsible for delivering the study of people, communities and society, as well as knowing ourselves.


A-Level Students in Government & Politics use Edexcel Government & Politics for AS and Government & Politics for A2 . These are endorsed by the Exam Board.

Websites recommended by the Politics Department

Parent Support

All staff attend parent consultation evenings, and prepare information handouts for parents when appropriate, e.g. revision guides for forthcoming examinations. The Subject Leader is also always available to address any concerns that parents may have.


Working within local authorities, law, journalism, most branches of the civil service including revenue and taxation and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, conference and events organiser, policy formulation, accountancy business commerce, and of course politics itself, are just some of the areas in which qualifications in this subject will be relevant and supportive to a successful career.