KS5 Health and Social Care


The Team:

Mrs Caroline Dudbridge (Curriculum Leader)

Mrs Sharon Paice (Subject Leader)

Key Stage 5

Level 3 Award, Certificate and Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care

These qualifications cover a wide range of key subject areas in health and social care. The Extended Diploma includes a wide range of optional units, allowing learners to pursue an interest in the specific areas of social care, health studies and health sciences, while still allowing enough diversity for the optional units to be tailored to suit a learner's preferred progression path.

Examples of units covered:

· Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care

· Human growth and development

· Safeguarding in health and social care

· Communication in health and social care

· Assessment grading criteria

· Infection prevention and control in health and social care

· Psychological perspectives in health and social care

· Sociological perspectives in health and social care

· Working in health and social care

· Reflective practice

· Empowerment in health and social care

· Protection of children, young people and adults in health and social care

· Anatomy and physiology for health and social care

· Research skills for health and social care

· Personal and professional development

All units are portfolio based units with, currently no examination. The units contain assessment tasks at A*-D grade.

The exam board specification can be found at: http://www.cache.org.uk/Qualifications/HSC/HSCL3/Pages/CACHE-Level-3-Award,-Certificate-and-Extended-Diploma-in-Health-and-Social-Care-(VRQ).aspx

Gifted and talented

To be considered gifted and talented the following attributes need to be demonstrated:

· Work shows a deep level of understanding and able to apply this understanding to real situations.

· Shows a genuine interest and love for the subject.

· Has a level of empathy that they apply to their work.

· Have good communication skills in a variety of situations.

· Have an independent work ethic.

· Willingness to contribute to wider experiences offered by the subject.

Enrichment activities offered

· Encouraged to take the lead on extra-curricular events e.g. fund raising, recruitment evening, assemblies.

· Visits to local health and social care providers such as hospital, nurseries, etc.

· Learners will be required to attend placement in a real work environment to support their learning. The minimum required number of placement hours are:

· Certificate: 75 hours

· Extended Diploma: 175 hours

· Placement is a crucial element of the learner's journey. Listed below are some examples of appropriate settings which could support learners:

- Residential Care Home

- Nursing Home

- Day Centre

- Children's Centre

- Health Centre

- Supported/Sheltered accommodation

- Domiciliary/Community care

- Respite Care

- Residential Schools

- Assessment Centre

- Special Schools

- Hospital

- Specialised Voluntary Groups


The department follows the Academy policy on homework.

Examination questions, Independent research tasks and focussed tasks to support coursework.

A statement about literacy

Literacy is an integral part of any course and has assessment implications for each key stage.

Literacy is assessed in both coursework and the written examination and allows students to achieve the higher mark bands. The correct use and spelling of key terminology is assessed at all levels so is fundamental to success.

Literacy errors are expected to be corrected for all coursework. Literacy targets are set when formal written feedback is given.


Publication date to be confirmed.

Websites that students may find useful

NHS choices : http://www.nhs.uk

NHS careers: http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk

Southend Hospital: http://www.southend.nhs.uk

Social Care: https://www.gov.uk/government/topics/social-care

Early years: https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/improving-the-quality-and-range-of-education-and-childcare-from-birth-to-5-years/supporting-pages/early-years-foundation-stage

Future Pathways from KS5

The CACHE Level 3 Award, Certificate and Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care (VRQ) have been designed to enable learners to access Higher Education or assist with progression into the workplace.

Degree level in health, social care and early years such as nursing, early years, primary teaching, childhood studies, public health operating theatre practitioner.

Apprenticeships in health, social care and early years.