KS5 Food Science and Nutrition


The Team:

Mrs Vanessa Jarvis (Subject Leader Food)

Miss Wendy Jackson

Mrs Kelly Binnington (Food Technician)

Mr David Ramsay (Food Technician

Key Stage 5

This WJEC Level 3 Qualifications in Food Science and Nutrition (QCF) has been designed to support learners as they progress from Key Stage 4 and GCSE learning to other advanced level qualifications.

These qualifications also support adult learners with an interest in the subject, or those currently working within the sector or related sectors such as hospitality and catering, food processing, horticulture and agriculture, care and sport.

These learners may be interested in learning related to one or more areas offered by this qualification. For example, a study of nutrition could assist care workers to support their service users or a fitness trainer to develop a diet for their customers.

Term by Term Year 12

Autumn Term-Unit One - Mandatory Planning to meet nutritional needs - The aim of the unit is to give learners an understanding of nutrients, their functions in the body and how nutritional requirements vary in different situations. They will learn how to critically assess diets of specific target groups and plan changes needed to ensure balance is maintained

Spring Term-Unit Two - Mandatory Advanced practical cooking skills - The purpose of this unit is for learners to develop the skills needed to interpret recipes, prepare and cook complex dishes to form the basis of a menu

Summer Term-Unit Two - Mandatory Advanced practical cooking skills - Students will continue with culinary skills and complete their skills test for this unit. This will be a 3 course meal for two place settings, prepared and delivered to restaurant standards

Term by Term Year 13

Autumn Term-Unit Three -Optional Ensuring Food is safe to eat- Students will investigate the hygiene, health and safety and risk assessments required to plan and deliver an event through a range of scenarios. The unit is graded through a written report.

Spring Term-Unit 5 - Optional Current Issues in Consumer Food Choices (independent) - Students will develop the skills needed to plan, carry out and present a project on current issues related to consumer food choice.

Summer Term-External Exam June 2017


Homework is issued weekly and always relates to current unit and topic being studied.

Additional information

All coursework units are centre-assessed and externally moderated by a WJEC Moderator.

All units are graded: PASS MERIT DESTINCTION

Learners must complete 3 units. 2 mandatory and 1 optional

Useful Resources

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