Year 12 & 13 Film Studies


The Team:

Mrs M. Hockley (Subject Leader of Film Studies and Media)

Ms L. Carus

Key Stage 5

WJEC A Level in Film Studies

This is a two year qualification, and is only accredited at the end of the A2 assessments.

FM1 - analysis through microelements of a film extract of their choice, essay form. (20%)

FM2 - exam based on British and American Films (30%)

FM3 - film research and a creative project (25%)

FM4 - varieties of film; issues and debates exam (25%)

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and talented students are encouraged to analyse culturally challenging films, they are given the opportunity to choose films that will inspire and stretch their analytical ability. Students will develop skills and experiences in the subject with vocational links that would benefit them in career or higher/further education options.

Internal support

Deeper/ higher order thinking and questioning opportunities
Range of assessment opportunities

Cultural learning

Group leadership

External support

Extended homework and research tasks

Essay opportunities to respond to tasks
Reading lists
Support websites
Open-evening assistant opportunities

Enrichment activities

Film Studies Club


The department follows the Academy policy on homework.

Teachers set homework linked with lesson content and in line with planned assessments.

A statement about literacy

Literacy in Film is developed through the use of key words associated with subject specific language. Students are required to use faultless literacy in all written tasks.