KS5 Child Care and Education


The Team:

Mrs C Dudbridge (Curriculum Leader)

Mrs S Paice (Subject Leader)

Key Stage 5

CACHE Child Care and Education. Early Years Educator. Level 3 Award, Certificate, Diploma.

This course consists of 15 units, 2 effective practice portfolios and 2 externally set assignments. Students will cover a range of topics relating to the child aged 0-7 years. They will look at the following topics and be able to relate these topics to everyday practices when in work placement 2 days a week.

• Child development from conception to seven years.

• Children's health and well-being

• Provide safe environments for children.

• Child health

• Play and learning

• Understanding children's additional needs

• Observations, assessments and planning.

• Professional practice portfolios

• Supporting emergent literacy

• Supporting emergent mathematics.

• Preparing for school readiness

• International perspectives

• Reflective practice for professional development

In relation to practical experience students will undertake a variety of placements over the 2 years working with children from 0-7 years and will attend local primary schools, day nurseries and children's centres.

A genuine interest in working with children is essential to be successful on this course. Good communication skills and being able to work effectively with others are essential.

The exam board exam specification can be found at:

http://www.cache.org.uk under the Early Years Educator tab, level 3, Award, Certificate and Diploma in Child Care and Education (Early Years Educator).

Gifted and talented

To be considered gifted and talented the following attributes need to be demonstrated:

· Work shows a deep level of understanding and the ability to be able to apply this understanding to realistic situations.

· Shows a genuine interest and passion for the subject.

· Have a level of empathy that they apply to their work and the situations of others.

· Have good communication skills in a variety of situations.

· The ability to work independently.

· Show a willingness to contribute to wider experiences offered by the subject.

Enrichment activities offered

· Encouraged to take the lead on extra-curricular events e.g. fund raising, recruitment evening, assemblies.

· Visits to local child care providers such as nurseries.


The department follows the Academy policy on homework.

Types of homework set include examination questions, research activities, focussed tasks, question and answer exercises.

A statement about literacy

Literacy is an important part of any course. Literacy is assessed in their coursework and allows students to achieve higher marks for more detailed and extended evidence. The correct use and spelling of key terminology is assessed at all levels so is fundamental to success.

Literacy errors are expected to be corrected for all coursework and detailed formal written feedback is given to support the students in achieving this.


CACHE level 3. Child Care and Education. Penny Tassoni.

CACHE level 3. Early years Educator. Penny Tassoni.

Websites that students would find useful

· CACHE http: www.cache.org.uk

· NHS careers: http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk

· Social Care: https://www.gov.uk/government/topics/social-care

· Early years: https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/improving-the-quality-and-range-of-education-and-childcare-from-birth-to-5-years/supporting-pages/early-years-foundation-stage

Future courses

Future Pathways from KS5

· Higher education degree in early years or other areas such as social care and nursing.

· Full time employment in the health sector, social care and early years provision.

· Early Years Educators /Foundation Stage

· Practitioner e.g. nursery nurse

· Special Educational Needs Support Worker

· Nanny/home-based child carer

· Children's Centre Practitioner